Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Huckabee on Leno

The huckster takes a shot at Romney, saying something close to ... people want a president who is like the person working next to them, rather than the person who lays them off

Hillary is on Letterman

Check out Hillary on Letterman. His first show in 8 weeks (becuase of the writers stike) opened with a John Kerry like attempt at humor by Hillary. It reminds me of the "she is human, we swear" theme that her campaign has touched on as of late. Like Maureen Dowd, I don't really buy it.

Bloomberg vs Obama

A recent NYTimes story suggests that Bloomberg would enter an Obama- Huckabee match up.

I doubt it.

Suppose Obama wins the democratic ticket. Since Obama's support comes partly from independents and moderate republicans (more here), Bloomberg would be facing a very tough contest against someone who would have the organization and momentum from the primaries (although beating the Clintons could take a crippling toll on Obama). Idealogically, Obama and Blomberg are pretty close (which has been driving many on the far left crazy).

If Bloomberg is really running to win (rather than to entertain his ego), an Obama democratic ticket would prevent him from running since Obama's message would leave little room for Bloomberg's pitch for a bi-partisan pragmatic approach to pressing problems.

The Primary Junkie

Here are some of my favorite websites for election commentary:

Must Reads
The Caucus: New York Times Political Blog
Although the caucus used to be less active than other political blogs, coverage has been picking up as of late. Caucus writers, especially Matt Bai, deliver insightful, uncluttered, and interesting analysis. This is the first site that I consult.

The Fix: Chris Cilizza's Politics Blog from the Washington Post
One of the best on the web, Cilizza's blog delivers great commentary.

The Stump: The New Republic's Blog

The New Republic offers some of the best analysis on both parties.

Marc Ambinder's Blog on The Atlantic
A fair and incisive blogger, Ambinder is another must read.

If you Have Time
The Trail: A Daily Diary of Campaign 2008
Has more information but less insight than the above.
More cluttered than the rest, although I enjoy Democratic and Republican Blogs of Smith and Martin

Real Clear Politics
Gathers numerous articles and summerizes polling data

A Few Others
The Nation's Blog

Trailhead: From
Slate usually has an interesting article or two on the election

Welcome to IndependentVox!

Welcome to my new blog! I am an independent Ivy League student who has been closely observing the 08 elections. I have created this blog to share a student perspective on election and primary developments, to disseminate interesting articles and information, and to participate in the most interesting election in decades. Enjoy!